Dardiza Boutique hotel

Welcome to Dardiza Boutique Hotel!

Our Logo emphasizes D from Dardiza which stands for Divine accommodation and hospitality, in our brand new hotel, where all our guests' requests are fulfilled by our welcoming staff.

Dardiza Boutique Hotel features 5 modern yet "smoothly" luxurious rooms, promising to offer you really unwinded and rejuvenating days and nights. More precisely, we offer:
2 family deluxe rooms, that each can accommodate comfortably 4 guests,
1 superior room for 2-4 guests and
2 superior rooms for 2 guests.

Our rooms are located in 3 levels, all with sea view, overlooking at Dardiza gulf, with a large swimming pool surrounded by the perfect scenery for relaxation and direct access to Dardiza Beach. All you have to do, is to choose the room that meets your own needs and leave the rest to our most welcoming staff.

Our mission is to completely delight and satisfy our guests, as we are committed to customer service and continuous improvement.

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Dardiza Boutique Hotel is located in Dardiza, 3,5 km. from Ermioni which is a small town developed in the recent decades and is a lovely family destination with many beaches in close distance. Its location serves as a good base for sightseeing excursions in the region as many sights are found in short drive. Such places are Porto Heli, Epidaurus and Nafplion, while the islands of Hydra and Spetses are only a short ferry ride away.

Environmentally Friendly Hotel

At the Dardiza Boutique Hotel, we recognize our enviromental footprint and we are committed to conducting the hotel in a way that ensures environmental sustainability. We are undertaking the following actions to strive to responsibly lessen our impact on the environment wherever we sensibly can, through: 

-Biological waste water treatment.

-Sustainable approach to waste management by recycling paper, glass, batteries, tin cans, ink cartridges etc.

-Production of solar energy using solar panels.

-Solar powered heating water.

-Eco lighting lamps (LED).

-Thermal insulation of frames and building.